Dear visitor, welcome to my webpage. Let me introduce myself. I am a professional translator and interpreter Stanislava Adamcová Balajová, MBA. I am based in Slovakia and have operated in the Slovak market since 2001. For more than 16 years I have been gathering experience, which makes me able to provide you with top quality language services.

My company is registered supplier of the European Union.

I cooperate with providers and clients of 43 countries throughout the world. I specialize on many different types of document translation services (legal, medical, technical, financial, and others). 

I also provide website translation and software localization, as well as video game localization services.

I cooperate with freelance linguists, translators, interpreters, proofreaders, quality assurance managers, and web programmers, all with a solid professional background in language translation and interpreting. Providing high-quality services to individuals and all types of companies ranging from small businesses to large companies around the world. I am freelancer and except of Spanish, German and French language, I do translations myself.

Let me mention some facts about my language proficiency:

- Slovak/Czech language - I am a native speaker born and raised in former Czechoslovakia. I come from bilingual family.                  

- English language - 7 years study at CityU, Seattle (in English language) where I received my MBA degree.

- followed by translation practice (14 years).

- English state language proficiency examination taken in Slovakia.         

- Italian language - 5 years working in the field of international affairs, in Italy,

- CILS Exam  

- followed by translation practice. (9 years)

- Spanish language - close cooperation with Spanish native speaker, professional translator.

- German language - close cooperation with German native speaker, professional translator.

- French language- close cooperation with French native speaker, professional translator.